Hugh Liddle embodies a true professional. Not only have I learned valuable sales techniques from him, but have leaned on him as a trusted mentor and friend. His years of experience are real–he’s been there–he knows what salespeople go through every day. Hugh has a knack for making his coaching not only memorable but something that can be implemented for immediate results. I’m glad to call him a Coach, Mentor and friend!

butch bella
Butch Bellah
Business and Sales Coaching. June 21, 2013

We create murals and art to make homes and businesses unique and memorable! We help our clients see the BIG picture! We call him the Master of the Sales Approach, because he is so likeable, and thorough in his assessment of the needs of our clientele. Hugh came into our not-so-ordinary world of Art Galleries & Artistic Services and has helped us expand our communication to potential markets we could not have reached by ourselves.

james r hahn
James R. Hahn

We’ve worked with Hugh since the beginning of 2013 and I am delighted with the value of his sales training programs. His methods are smart, honest and most of all profitable. We added some significant clients to our roster, through working with Hugh. He makes the selling process easy to do. I am so delighted to recommend him to you.

Geoff Talbot
Geoff Talbot
CEO & President. Genuine Ink Media

Various Testimonials

Aysha Strausbaugh - Life Coach

Tehila Gonen

I have been working with Hugh this past two months and WOW, what a great sales coach. I’m a Life Coach and I know how to coach people to reach their dreams and goals in life but sales training was never part of my coach training. I hired Hugh because I knew that this was a vital piece that was missing for me. He gave me a structured formula to follow and it works! I now know how to ask for the sale and I do it confidently and competently.  Check him out. You’ll be glad you did!

Kris Thaller
Kris Thaller
Coaching Dimensions: Certified Life Coach. Excellence Trainer. Speaker

Red Cap’s coaching on the 8 steps of the sales process enabled us to increase our conversion of prospects to patients from 32% to 83% in just two months.

Daniel Knowles
Daniel Knowles
Doctor of Chiropractic

Great results! Each time I meet with Hugh Liddle, I learn something that is immediately applicable to my business and personal life. For the last five years, I have attended several of Hugh’s workshops, and I have worked with him one-on-one. If you’re open to learning how to master your sales process, Hugh Liddle is the man for the job. He will teach you how to triple your income. He will teach you the New Sales Model. He will make you an invaluable asset to any company. He will teach you how to thrive in any economy. And did I mention the whole process is fun?! Call him, now. And then go buy a Ferrari. Just wanted to say thanks for making me an excellent salesperson! It’s afforded me many things that I really need and enjoy.

Jack Jostes
Jack Jostes
CEO Ramblin’ Jackson Media Marketing

Mary Despain - Publishing/Advertising

Laurel Staples - Marketing Coach

Mark Terrell - Family Business Coach

Murphy Alafoginis - Sales Coach

Danny Knowles - Chiropractor