Cathy Cagle - Director of Sales and Marketing

Cathy Cagle is an associate of Red Cap Sales Coaching.  Cathy loves solving puzzles and for Red Cap that means helping clients figure out how to effectively and happily increase sales while having great relationships with practice members.

Never one to avoid the opportunity to learn, Cathy has worked in diverse industries and jobs ranging from owning her boutique health related brick-and-mortar store and online store, helping shape and manage a thriving podcast booking agency, to running a small family farm, bartending and being a Congressional aide. Through it all she’s practiced and honed the art of great communication, customer service and sales. Sales, after all, is the art and necessity of helping solve problems.

Cathy’s Personal Life:

When not helping clients solve problems and rocket their businesses forward, Cathy can often be found chasing her kids to pick up those dang socks, reading yet another great book, talking with her dogs, making something fabulous to eat or hanging with her best friend and partner, Ron.