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If you want to grow a successful business, it’s absolutely essential that you educate yourself. Reading, studying and listening to successful people who have done what you want to do can help you build bigger, better and much more quickly. Sales Chalk Talk is an excellent way to spend an hour each week, learning about an aspect of business that you can apply immediately!

Co-hosts, Jim Hamlin and Hugh Liddle have 81 years of sales experience between them. Jim is fond of saying that Hugh has 80 of those years, but that’s not true. Hugh has been selling for 47 years and Jim for 35. The show isn’t about Jim and Hugh, though. It’s their job to ask great questions and let their guests answer them.

Sales Chalk Talk radio show

You can listen to a new Sales Chalk Talk show every week featuring in-depth interviews with guests like Bob Burg, Tony Alessandra, Don Hutson, Terri Murphy, Gene McNaughton, Tom Hopkins, Eric Lofholm, Ben Gay III, Jim Cathcart, Steve Siebold, Mark Sanborn and many more. There are interviews with people who are lesser known than some of the people listed above, but each and every show has awesome gems of knowledge and wisdom that you could never gain in a college education, because they’re coming from people who are actually doing the work and gaining the results that YOU want in your business!

The show is prerecorded and broadcast on Sound Cloud. You can watch the shows right here on the website – just click on the talk you want to listen too or scroll to view more:

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Are you amazing at what you do? Do you have insight into what it takes to be successful in the business, sales, and marketing world? Would others benefit from learning your tips on how to be successful? Why not share your advice with the world! Join former guests like Tom Hopkins, Bob Burg, Tony Alessandra, Jim Cathcart, Ben Gay III and other well-known and lesser-known experts, provide some great value for our listeners and get your business promoted by us!

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