Donating Pounds To The Universe

Toby, Hugh’s redneck alter-ego (who is a hybrid of Jeff Dunham’s “Walter” character, Larry the Cable Guy and a dozen other personalities, real and imagined, residing in Hugh’s head), loves Southern cookin’ and is WHOLLY responsible for Hugh’s significant weight gain! Now the tables are turned! Hugh met an incredibly great health coach, Michelle Gray,…

Thanksgiving and Gratitude

In this short video, Hugh and Toby (Hugh’s redneck alter-ego) wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, and Hugh talks about some of the things he’s especially thankful and grateful for this year.


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Lessons From The Rain

As I write this, I’m sitting in my office in Sebring, Florida, and I’m looking out the window, watching it rain. It’s been raining like this since last night, and 4″ to 6″ are expected from this storm. I’ve been thinking a lot about rain recently. This summer was one of the wettest in Florida…