take the icky and scary out of sales

You receive a wonderful basic education in the basics of conducting a fun, effective sales conversation. You’ll learn the attitudes and skills you need to master to become a Sales Wizard in your own right. You’ll remove the fear out of your sales efforts and approach any prospective client with total confidence and ease. When you apply the concepts in this book, whether you’re new at selling or a seasoned veteran, you’ll see your conversion ratio increase dramatically and your sales and income soar!

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“Oh, dear! What if I really AM a salesperson?”
You Can Sell With Pride!

My first thought about writing this book was: What can I say about selling that hasn’t already been said? There are a million sales books out there. A good friend reminded me that this book would be different because it’s based on my own experience over 40 years of selling a variety of products and services. Since my experiences are unique, this book is too. It’s not just another sales book. It’s completely unique. Over the past several years, I’ve become acutely aware that the purpose of most sales books is to teach you how to convince, persuade, manipulate and induce people to do what you want them to do. So many of them suggest that you argue, cajole, shame and pressure your prospects. That is NOT what this book is about! Rather, it teaches you to help other people do what THEY want to do!

Now, three years later, this second edition contains concepts and skills that I’ve learned, simply by continuing to sell my own services and teaching other salespeople and business owners to sell theirs.

Although this edition, like the former one, does include information about the technical aspects of selling, my goal is to make this book entertaining and easy to read; a fun sales user manual if you will. So I’ve tried to write it not as a technical manual, but in a casual, easy-going way, just like I’d talk with you in person.

As you read, you’ll see a sales conversation unfold step by step. Each step in the process provides a foundation upon which the next step is built.

Through the years I’ve heard many people say, “I’m not a salesperson,” or “I’m not REALLY a salesperson,” or make some other attempt to disguise the fact that they’re selling a product, a service, an idea or a concept. In fact, several of my clients have told me that their companies don’t allow them to use the words sales or selling. Their philosophy is “We don’t sell, we just share.”
The fact of the matter is that, everyone sells, every single day. I do, you do, your little old Aunt Tillie does! If you’re married to, or in a relationship with someone, you’re a salesperson. If you have children, you’re definitely a salesperson. If you have friends, you’re a salesperson. If you work with someone, for someone or, if someone works for you, you’re a salesperson. And make no mistake, all the people in your life are salespeople too.

“Hugh, why do you say that?” you ask. “I just don’t think of myself that way!” I say that because, sales is simply the transfer to someone else of an idea; a concept; a vision; a product or a service, that you’re excited about because you believe it can help that person. If you think it would be a great idea to move to Florida, and you’re attempting, overtly or indirectly, to show your spouse that Florida would be a lovely place to live, you’re selling.

By the way, that’s a true-life example. My lovely wife, Priscilla, who would be the first to say, “I’m not a salesperson, never have been, never want to be!” told me that if I moved to Florida with her, she’d make a lovely comfortable home for me, and I’d love it. I was apprehensive, and I moved. Happy wife, happy life! And I DO love it here in Florida! It was a wonderful move for us, and I’m glad we made the decision. And I never would have made that decision myself, without Priscilla selling me on the idea!
If you know your children or grandchildren need to do well in school, and you talk to them on a regular basis about what’s in it for them if they get good grades, and maybe you even give them incentives for getting A’s and B’s, you’re selling.

If you deserve a raise so you can continue to work and do a great job for your boss, and you’re talking with her about that, you’re selling. If you’re attempting to help your employees understand and buy into your company mission statement so you can stay in business and continue to employ them, you’re selling. And most certainly, if you have a product or service that people need and want, and you talk with then about trading money for that product or service, you’re selling. If you own your own business, you have no choice; you MUST be a salesperson…or go out of business.

Yes, you’re a salesperson, no matter what words you use to try to conceal it or dress it up.

As we’ll discuss in subsequent chapters, denying that you’re a salesperson, when you really are, indicates that you’ve had a negative experience in selling or being sold that left a really bad taste in your mouth. Even the word sales, causes you to shudder. You sure don’t want anyone to think you’re one of those unpleasant, rude, pushy, aggressive, loud, obnoxious people who sells things! Well, it’s not necessary for you to feel that way about sales any longer. By the time you finish this book, I hope that you’ll agree with me that there’s nothing bad about the words sales and selling. My goal is to help you feel proud to be a salesperson and understand how to sell professionally and well. The end result, if you apply what you learn in this book, will be that you’ll have fun selling and make a lot of money doing it.

Let’s talk for just a moment about the money aspect of sales. The Good Book says that it’s easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven, and some believe that to mean that making money isn’t a good thing. I’d like to propose a different interpretation.

If your purpose and your focus, when you go out to sell, is simply to make sales and make money for yourself, your priorities are out of order. The likelihood is that your prospects will view you as pushy and predatory, and you’ll not be successful at selling in the long or short term. However, if your purpose and focus are about helping your prospects solve their problems and get what they want and need by taking advantage of your product or service, your prospects will be much more likely to buy from you, and you’ll be far more successful at sales. The RESULT will be that you’ll make a lot of money! Sales is one of the world’s most highly compensated professions!

It’s my hope that you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it, and that by applying the principles you learn here, you’ll become a happier, more successful, more prosperous salesperson!